Tuesday, July 23, 2013

LUSH Honey I Wash The Kid Soap: Review

I never really stick to one shower gel nor do I really ever use bar soaps. I always constantly change up the gel whenever I finishes one. Sometimes I can have 2 or 3 shower gels in my shower at the same time and I rotate the use according to my mood. But if there is one that I must have it in my shower always is this one: LUSH Honey I Wash The Kid soap. 

I have to put a picture from Google for this post because mine does not look good for picture. Hihi. 

Picture credit to Google

By the name of it, you guessed it, this soap obviously smells like honey. A very delicious, fragrant, strong-smelling and yummy honey. LUSH sells their soaps in block and by weight. What I like to do it cut them in mini chunks and make it last longer. 

Picture credit to Google

This soap doesnt lather that much but the fact that it smells so good makes up for it. I used to keep this in closed container in my shower but since the small chunk is almost finished and makes it difficult to take it off from its container, I just put it on the rack openly. To my surprise, it makes my shower smells so good. Now I just left the small bit on the rack and use another small chunk for shower.

Sadly, there is no LUSH store in Malaysia. The closest in Singapore. However, if you dont have any reason to go there, you can still get this from  LUSH Singapore website because they do International Shipping. Just take note on the shipping charges ok?

I definitely am in love with this soap and this have to be my must have must use soap

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