Tuesday, July 23, 2013

LUSH Honey I Wash The Kid Soap: Review

I never really stick to one shower gel nor do I really ever use bar soaps. I always constantly change up the gel whenever I finishes one. Sometimes I can have 2 or 3 shower gels in my shower at the same time and I rotate the use according to my mood. But if there is one that I must have it in my shower always is this one: LUSH Honey I Wash The Kid soap. 

I have to put a picture from Google for this post because mine does not look good for picture. Hihi. 

Picture credit to Google

By the name of it, you guessed it, this soap obviously smells like honey. A very delicious, fragrant, strong-smelling and yummy honey. LUSH sells their soaps in block and by weight. What I like to do it cut them in mini chunks and make it last longer. 

Picture credit to Google

This soap doesnt lather that much but the fact that it smells so good makes up for it. I used to keep this in closed container in my shower but since the small chunk is almost finished and makes it difficult to take it off from its container, I just put it on the rack openly. To my surprise, it makes my shower smells so good. Now I just left the small bit on the rack and use another small chunk for shower.

Sadly, there is no LUSH store in Malaysia. The closest in Singapore. However, if you dont have any reason to go there, you can still get this from  LUSH Singapore website because they do International Shipping. Just take note on the shipping charges ok?

I definitely am in love with this soap and this have to be my must have must use soap

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream: Review

Now this is one long overdue post. If you have seen my previous few post where I did some shopping during the Body Shop Sale, you may notice this product, which I was most excited to try. Having been able to use this for a while, here are my thoughts on it.

Lets go from the outside to the inside shall we?

The packaging

This comes in an aluminium packaging. First of all, I am not a fan of this kind of packaging because it makes the tube so fragile and ugly looking.

As you can see here, there are dents everywhere. I keep this in a pouch in my handbag because I dont trust this swimming freely inside my handbag fearing it will burst spreading hand cream inside my handbag. My handbag doesnt have a hand.

I always encounter this when Im using it: the minute I twist open the cap, product start spilling towards the side of the cap.

Now that it is clear Im not a fan of the packaging, how does the cream fare?

The product:

This is going to be a love-hate relationship product. I hate the packaging but I love the cream.

It is not too thick like normal cream but not too runny like a lotion. A just nice in between consistency.

It took a while to absorb into skin, thus it does left a sticky feeling on the hands. When it doest absorbs, feels very nice. If you are looking for a hand cream that absorbs immediately, this is not the one because it does take a minute or two to absorb.

The price for 30ml is RM19.90. I've seen this cream in bigger packaging however I can't remember the price. Do visit The Body Shop and have a try of this cream and see how you like it.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Be back soon

Hello there..

I have been away for a while, havent I..Apologies for not giving you a heads up. But fret not, I will be back on writing again soon. I have prepared few drafts which is now pending pictures to be taken.

So I will see see you again very soon :)