Friday, May 10, 2013

Stalk My Handbag #2 10052013

First of all, apologize for the lack of updates. 

 I intended to post a review of this particular gloss, but it was such a hurdle.

First,  it took me forever to take pictures of this lipgloss because it doesnt come out true to real life colour. It took me forever changing the camera setting (I still haven't explored my camera well) and putting it under different lighting when it finally looks similar. When I was about to post it, I discovered another thing. (I purchased this few years ago)

When I was searching for the company's official link to share with you guys, I come to this realization that that lipgloss could be a limited edition. Because I can't find the official link although there are other review links. I dont know if I should put it up or not. I dont want to put something you can't go buy if you want to. 

So, I will just share a picture today of this gorgeous thing that is giving me a hard time :(

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Flash in No. 662

That being said, I decided to post a new Stalk My Handbag post to make it up to my lack of post. I changed handbag from my last post and the things inside also are different.

Inside zip pocket 

Two side pockets

And just when I thought that is all, I see something floating in the main compartment in the midst of the chaos in my handbag

So, I fish it all out and lay it neatly on the table. 
Top L-R:
M.A.C Studio Perferct SPF 15 Powder Foundation
Silky Girl Gloss On Lip Colour in Just Pink
Nivea Pure & Natural Lipbalm
Dior Lipbalm in Crystal Pink (No. 002)
Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Flash in No. 662
(see how the colour here is different than above's? Above picture is the real colour)
Lancome L'absolue Rouge in No 380
Perfume Atomizer (I put in Flora by Gucci)

Bottom (L-R)
Clean & Clear Oil Control Film

I seriously dont know when I threw all these in my handbag. It must have been accumulated everyday. I do remember taking Silky Girl lipstick today.

Do you carry this much stuff too?

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