Monday, May 6, 2013

L'Oreal True Match Touche Magique Concealer

It took me a while to decide the title of this post because today's product has a super lengthy name. Brace yourself:

L'Oreal True Match / Perfect Match / Alliance Perfect Touch Magique Anti-Fatigue and Illuminating Concealer - Smoothing Effect


Hence, the title is how I shortened it. 

This is what is said by the company:
True Match Touche Magique concealer is an illuminating concealer which helps improve the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. It will leave the delicate skin around the eye area looking radiant, as well as perfectly concealing any blemishes.

This product has been raved as being a dupe to the YSL Touche Eclat. I however have no experience with the YSL's thus I can't compare but to experience this on its own. So how does this fare?


This comes in a twist pen with attached brush. You simply twist the end and product with come out through the brush part but sadly I find the brush is a bit stiff and scratchy. I love how the packaging is very slim and compact making it easier to bring around even in the slimmest purse.

The brush

I find it difficult to control the amount of product I want when I twist the click pen. It makes a click sound when I twist it and I dont know how many twist is needed and all of a sudden a thick blob comes out of it. With time and getting to know the pen for a while makes our relationship becomes smoother *ahem*


 There are only 2 shades available here. I can't find the shade on the packaging but I believe mine is in the lightest shade here (Ivory Beige). 

The swatch

Although it is marketed more towards illuminating and covering dark circle under the eye, I use it more on covering my dark spots and pimple scars. I was skeptical at first to use on my dark spots because I dont want to illuminate that area. Somehow I find it covers my dark spots beautifully. It also beautiful to be used under the eye area to highlight the area. Because the consistency is thick, it doesnt slip and slide easily on the skin although it can get cake-y easily if Im not careful with the amount of product I put on my skin. Also a plus point for being long lasting.

The overalls:


Slim packaging
Great coverage 

Limited shade range
Stiff brush


Have you tried this? What do you think?


  1. i was going to buy it just now but I'm not sure because of the applicator. I'm just afraid it's so hard to control.I had the Stila Lip Glaze which has the same applicator, but I waste the product each time I use it because I can't control the amount. -_- Thanks for the info! :)

    1. Thanks Sabby Prue :)

      Yes, it is tricky to control the amount of product. But since it can be used not only on dark spots, I settle with applying the rest of the product on other parts of my face to higlight to make do with the balance left on the brush :)

  2. Is this still available? Or they have replaced it with the Lucent magique range? I'm not so sure. I thought these kind of concealers are just for highlighting. Didn't realize they're good for dark spots also. :)

    1. I bought this early this year so Im not too sure whether it is still available or has been replaced. Yes, it is nice to use on dark spots too because the brightening element for it highlighting is good to brighten areas that are..emm..dark :)