Sunday, May 26, 2013

Biotherm Aquasource Instant Hydration Softening Lotion

If you read my last empty post, you would know that I ran out of my Dior toner which I love but I was on the fence whether I should repurchase it or try out something new and cheaper. When searching for a new toner, I look out for the ones that is named lotion because my experience was that, when a toner is named 'toner' it is very drying and leave my skin tight. When it is named lotion, it is good for dry skin as it is moisturizing. 

So I found an alternative to Dior's but the price does not vary that much. It is a tad cheaper though. It is the  Biotherm Aquasource Instant Hydration Softening Lotion. 

This toner has a thick consistency, which is almost gel-like. Targeted for those with dry skin, this toner does wonder to my dry skin. I dont feel guilty skipping moisturizer after using this because my skin does feel very moist as if I just slap on a moisturizer. It is very moisturizing but not to the point leaving my skin oily. I've had this experience with one drugstore toner which I bought immediately after I finished my Dior toner but it broke me out like mad! Thus I purchased this Biotherm toner and fall in love with it. 

I saw on the bottle "..with thermal plankton cellular water". I have no idea what it was. So I Googled *wink* and found on blog which you can click here:

Thermal Plankton Cellular Water is a nutrient-rich fluid and the ingredients present in it is 86% similar to our skin's normal moisturizing requirements. This further encourages hydration, soothes the skin and prevents moisture loss.

I dont speak science but it does makes my skin feel moist.

On a side note, I appreciate the tip of this bottle has a small opening for easier control.

For RM90, you get 200ml of product. It is not the cheapest toner available but for the way this has make my skin feels, I would repurchase this once this is finished. I would rather pay for an expensive skincare product which I know does wonder to my skin than to pay less for a product that doesnt do as good. It is important to make sure the skin gets the best care. 

I would love to know recommendation for good cheap toner because so far I am not lucky in finding one. Do you know any?

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