Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Body Shop Shea Body Butter & Body Scrub

Maintaining a routine is something that I struggle with. The most disciplined I've been, I think is able to maintain a routine for a month straight. That is the best achievement for me so far. Most of the time I am only able to keep up with my routine for a week and then gone! Pooff!! So, I shouldn't be complaining whenever my skin is acting up. I have my laziness to be thankful for.

That goes not only for my face routine but also my body. 

So to make my laziness work with my skin, I decided to at least follow this lazy routine-: I scrub and deep moisturize my body once a week. Just to make myself feel less guilty. Because lately I dont even put on any body lotion in between those weeks. Furthermore now that I'm married, I dont want my husband to feel like he is touching a sandpaper whenever he touched me. Haha!

The Body Shop has a range of Body Scrub and Body Butters available. My pick is the Shea Body range which is for very dry skin. My justification is, since I am most of the time lazy and I rarely put lotion on my skin, I want something heavy duty and has a lasting effect. Being made for very dry skin, I believe and legitly thinks that it will have a strong moisturizing effect that will last me for a week before I repeat the routine the following week. Sometimes after the next 2 weeks.

Now, let's see the product up close.

 Shea Body Scrub
RM59.90 for 200ml

The scrub has a fairly large salt grains and has a very nice scent. It feels good when used where it doesn't feel like it is scratching my skin. However, it does melt quite quickly and thus doesnt do that well in the scrubbing department. I can let that go since it does a fantastic job at moisturizing. 

Shea Body Butter for Very Dry Skin
RM55 for 200ml

Very thick consistency. Melts upon contact with skin. Small amount goes a long way.

I only do this routine at night and I will explain why. 

When I take a shower I will use the scrub all over my body and wash it off. It does leave a residue on the skin which I dont mind because I believe THAT is the moisture my skin needed. Usually I dont use any shower gel after that because the scrub already has a sweet smell and I dont want to wash away the moisture. But sometimes I do use a shower gel after that if I feel like I want to wash a bit of the residue. 

Heading out of the shower, I will PAT my skin dry. This is because I want to help the moisture left from the scrub being absorbed to my skin. After that, I will lather on the Body Butter. This has a very thick consistency and takes a while to be absorbed. After that I go to sleep and the next morning I wake up, my skin felt so so soooo smooth. 

As I said before, I only do this routine at night. The reason is, this product leaves residue on the skin so I dont really want the residue to be transfered onto my clothes.

I love this lazy routine although at times Im too lazy to do this lazy routine. 
That one cannot help lah.

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