Wednesday, April 10, 2013

L'Oreal Shine Caresse Glossy Lip Stain

Hello there!

Long time no see.. *ehem*

These has been in our stores for a while now. I was very excited when this lip stains was released in our stores because I am a big fan of lip stains, for the obvious reason that I don't like to reapply my lippies. With great reviews of this lipstains, I have high expectations on them.

Picked myself 2 shades: Princess and Lolita.

Below are the swatches on my hand:

(Left: Princess, Right: Lolita)

At the time of purchase, there was only these 2 shades left while others were sold out. Not wanting to wait for the other colours to be restocked, I just help myself with the 2 left available shades. Just because.

The packaging looks expensive and I like how the shade is visible near the opening. No need to waste time finding the desired shade there.

Comes with a doe-foot applicator - easy spreading on the lips.

Upon application on the lips, it gives a slight cooling sensation which I find quite nice. It also has a slight nice coolly scent to it. Which is also nice. (I'm not good at describing scent)

The formulation is very different from other lipstains I used to use. It feels creamy, a bit sticky with a glossy finish. Like wearing a lipgloss but better. A normal lipgloss usually disappears after eating/drinking but this one, have a longer life on the lips. The shine does not last the whole day unfortunately but longer than a normal lipgloss would.

So basically, this is a lipgloss which turns into a lipstain.

It is recommended to wear 2 to 3 coats of these for the colour to maintain on the lips longer, but I usually just proceed with 1 coat. (Put on first coat, wait a few second for it to set on the lips and then put on second coat. Add more coats for more shine and staying power.) When the shine starts to wear of, it leaves the lips with a nice stain.

Here is how it looks on the lips:

Lolita: Very neutral, everyday wear, my lips but better colour

Princess: Terracota, bright, wow!

Overall, I'm loving this lipstains. Previously I need to put on a separate lipgloss on my lipstain but now, it is 2 products in one tube! Yippee!! Those who havent purchased this yet, now go get you some :)

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