Saturday, April 20, 2013

Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream

Between foundation, BB cream and tinted moisturizer, my go-to pick for my face would have to be BB cream. However, finding the best BB cream in the market has been a struggle to me. There are asian BB cream and the non-asian BB cream. There are many times I went to stores and tested out few BB creams, and ended up not buying any because I'm not sure of it. This is just my personal preference.

There are also many mixed reviews making me even more confused. Too expensive, too yellow, too light, too heavy, not too many reviews, too many mixed review. So many too-s are too confusing and making life so difficult.

If you are not familiar, BB cream is most know as blemish balm. It is also known as blemish base or even beauty balm, depending on which company the BB cream is from. There is even a CC cream now but we'll to go it later in a different post.  BB cream is an all round product containing, primer, moisturizer, foundation and even sunblock. 

What I like it most about BB cream is because it is an in between product of a foundation and a tinted moisturizer. It can be worn alone, over moisturizer, or even under a foundation depending on the coverage you are looking for. 

With that introduction, the BB cream I have for you today is from Garnier. It is the:
Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream, with pure lemon essence and mineral pigment for instant fairness of a BB moisturizer with SPF 26 PA+++ Anti UVB and UVA and is dermatologically tested.

(Basically I just typed everything on the tube. Hehe)

The packaging comes in a squeeze tube with a twist cap. I love this type of packaging because it gives more control and dispenses just the right amount of product without any spillage.

It comes with only one shade which I think would suit most Asian skintones. It is a pink-tone base which helps to brighten the skin.

This BB cream promises 10 skin improvements from the first minute:

From the first minute, I do see most of the skin improvement promised by them. But does it last all day?

This BB cream last as least for 4 hours (5hours max) before my face starts to look shiny on my combination skin. At the time I'm writing this post, Im wearing this BB cream for 6 hours already and my forehead is too oily to touch. My glasses is sliding on my nose and I'm starting to feel uncomfortable with my face. This happen because I wore it without any dusting of powder after I put on the BB cream. Usually I will dust on powder on top and it should be ok.

It does need some help to make this BB cream last longer: wear a separate primer underneath, blot and powder throughout the day. But for RM19.90/20ml, there is nothing to complain.

On me, the shade is perfect! It has the right amount of coverage that I want although it doesn't conceal entirely my dark spots and pimple scars. For that I need to put another layer of concealer on it or I can just dab another thin layer of this BB cream over the spots to add the coverage and blend away, which I dont mind at all. In fact I prefer if some imperfection show through so I look more natural. Would rather top up the coverage on the selected areas only than have full on heavy coverage on my entire face. I dont want my face to look photo-shopped in real life. Scary!

The overalls:

Pros: Brightens and evens out skin tone, affordable, slim packaging, has SPF

Cons: Does not suit oily skin, doesnt cover spots

I rate this BB cream 7 out of 10.

Do you use BB cream? What is your best BB cream finds?


  1. I love this BB cream! But I do have to agree that my forehead can be a bit oily throughout the day (I don't even have oily skin!) Anyways, good review Amal! Love your blog! Followed! :)


    1. Tq Nabilah..I followed yours too :)

    2. Most welcome. Btw, have you tried Ginvera BB cream? It's pretty good too! :)

    3. One of the many BB creams yang I ambil tapi letak balik because I wasnt too sure..thanks for recommending. I will try that :)