Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fragrance: Flora by Gucci EDT

This perfume was released sometime in 2009 (correct me if I'm wrong). I've had this for 2 years now and it is almost finished.

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I have the Eau De Toilette version of the scent. It also comes in Eau De Parfume. 

My bottle is missing the bow near the cap. I misplaced it somehow.

In my own words and description of the scent, upon spraying my nose immediately smells citrus. After a while it started to develop the floral scent, which is almost powdery but I dont know what kind of flower it is, and slowly I start to detect a hint of musk. It smells almost clean.

Here is what claimed by the company:

the utterly feminine and deeply sensual fragrance, inspired by gucci's iconic flora pattern.
  • a sensual and intense flowery fragrance
  • top notes of citrus mandarin accords and peony
  • heart notes of rose and osmanthus flower
  • base notes of pink pepper and sandalwood

Yup! Definitely citrus there. And flower! Is pink pepper musky? I almost nailed it though:)

I must say this is one of the strongest smelling perfume I've smelt so far. And the staying power is phenomenal. I remembered spraying this on my body and on my clothes (yes I know you're not supposed to do that or it might stain the fabric) early in the morning before going to work, went out after that, back home I took off my clothes and it still smells strongly of the perfume. Few days after that when I was about to do my laundry I still smell it on my clothes. It is THAT strong. However it is not dizzying. I like it though. 

So definitely never go too much on spraying. A couple of sprays, one on the wrist and one on the neck is sufficient enough to last you the whole day. 

The design looks elegant and feels expensive.

I would wear this perfume both day and night. In fact, I never categorize my perfumes to be a day perfume or a night perfume. If I like it, I'll wear it to any ocassion.

Perfumes does react differently on different person, so do get a sample of it first before purchasing and see how the scent develops on your body before purchasing. I definitely see mixed reviews before I purchased mine a couple of years back and thankfully I love it.

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