Friday, April 12, 2013

April '13 Empties

My first empties for this blog :)

1. Dior Hydra Life Youth Essential Hydrating Essence in Lotion
In short, a toner. The best toner I've used so far. I also used the facial wash from this line which is also about to finish soon. My skin has been very dry lately to the point that it produces so much oil to self-balance the dryness on my skin. This toner has a very soothing feeling and calming on my skin and if not because of its price, I would have gone repurchasing this one, like, now! A super nice toner for dry skin.

2. Skin 79 Super+ Beblesh Balm.
Like my Dior toner, this also has been the best BB cream I've used. This one I want to repurchase now but I cant find yet. Previously I bought this at Watsons in Ipoh. I thought it would be easier to find it in KL, but boohoo. My mission to repurchase this has not been successful yet. Any idea where I can buy this in KL? I love this BB cream most over others because this looks the most natural on me and has a skin-like finish. It disappears on my skin. You can't even tell I'm wearing a BB cream/foundation if I put this on. So, mission on!

3. Avene Eau Thermale Light Hydrating Cream
This is a nice moisturizer. My skin is picky with the things I slap on my face. This one doesnt break me out, so it is a yeay for me. It doesnt have any scent. The only downside to it, is it doesnt have any SPF. So, I only use this whenever I go to work (being indoor from 8am till 5pm) and if I'm not going out. However, if I decide to go out, I'd have to put another layer of a separate sunscreen. 

4. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
Now this...This is my second bottle and sadly I dont see any major differences to my skin. I bought this to prep my skin for my wedding initially. Finish up first bottle, I took a while before repurchasing the second bottle because I thought maybe it might work if I continue?? I do see slight tiny improvement to my skin but I expect more, having to pay such a big amount for a small bottle. I dont know if I will be repurchasing this anytime soon. As of now, I'll try another cheaper product.  

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