Monday, December 3, 2012

Nivea Night Whitening Body Milk

My skin (hands especially) gets tan easily because Im a sleeve roller (huh?ok i always roll my sleeves up to my elbows) and I rarely wears sunblock on my hand..It is also very dry to the point of becoming scally and, there is my problem: dry scally flaky hands and the colour does not match my face..and since i wears hijab, and the only skin showing is my face and hands, thus it is important to me to have matchy matchy skin colour on those 2 areas..or else, it will looks as if my hands and face belongs to 2 different person..that being said, i use this lotion mostly on my hands up to my arms only..

Oh, just a quick heads up..although this is a body milk, i will refer this as a lotion in this post..but do know, when i said lotion, i am actually mentioning body milk :p

I wear this lotion almost every night..What I love about this lotion, is that it feels very light and makes my skin feels significantly smooth..It does not leave any residue and absorbs quick onto my skin..being a body milk, the texture is a bit thin, not as thick as a lotion but not too runny..oh and it smells nice..

I do notice difference on my skin the morning after -> smoother softer skin and id like to believe a taaaaaad lighter..but with everynight use, the skin does gets fairer..

Im not going to be a scientist dermatologist archeologist astronout explaining all these ingredients and its superpower..i will take a shortcut and snap a picture of the company's claim for the product, because i believe this lotion actually is what they claimed to be..

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