Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Face Off Series: Acne Treatment

This is my first and hopefully many more to come of my face off series. 

A bit of introduction of this series: So what I'll do in this face off series posts is I will choose 2 products from the same kind eg. Foundation 'A' vs Foundation 'B' and I will share my thoughts, the pros and cons of each product based on my experience and at the end I will mention which of the 2 I will pick if I were to choose only one..The winner basically..

Lets start shall we?

In today's post, we have: 

Clinique Anti Blemish Solution Spot Treatment Gel 
Clinelle Blemish Clear Gel.


Lets get to the obvious first: the brand. Clinique and Clinelle - do I need to say more? Regardless of the almost similar brand name, Clinique is a high end brand while Clinelle is a drugstore brand. Having said that, and while both came in with 15ml size, there is a huge price difference between the two. Clinique retails at RM82.00 while you can get Clinelle for just RM28.90. Yeap! I see you raised an eyebrow there (-.^).


These 2 has a faily different packaging. While both comes in a squeezy tube and has a nozzle, Clinique's has a clear packaging and more compact size compared to Clinelle's which is slightly longer and doesn't have a clear packaging.


Clinique has a clear gel while Clinelle's has a bit of a white translucent colour to it. Upon contact with the skin, both has a cooling effect and goes clear on the skin. A major difference I noticed from musing these two: Clinique's absorbs onto skin very quickly and disappears while Clinelle takes a bit of time to settle onto skin and leave some sheen to the place where I applied it. That so, I always wears Clinique under my make up and wears Clinelle at night when I went to bed. 


Upon consistent usage, Clinique's left a dry spot on my skin where I applied the gel. Once I got too excited with its cooling and tingling effect and the minimum amount of time it took to absorb and applied it few times a day where it resulted to my foundation to flake on that area. And I always thought, the more tingling it felt, the more effective the product is. True? No? Thus with Clinique, I cannot apply too much. Clinelle on the other hand is not very drying on my skin. It took a bit of time to absorb and it kind of just sits on my skin. That being said, acne gel is supposed to dry out the blemish area and kill the bacteria fast.

As a result of usage, both treated my acne well and help soothes the redness and irritation that blemishes always comes with and I will continue to use these two. But if I were to choose only one?

Here is a quick recap of these products' pros and cons:

Clinique Anti Blemish Solution Spot treatment Gel

1. Absorbs fast.
2. Can be worn under and over make up.
3. Noticeably soothes redness and irritation

1. Expensive.
2. Can be too drying.

Clinelle Blemish Clear

1. Cheap.
2. Does not leave dry spot.

1. Takes time to absorbs
2. Visible on the skin


I will chose Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Spot Treatment Gel because it absorbs onto my skin very fast, the result is immediate and I can easily wears it under on over my make up. And because I like it a little better that Clinelle's.

What other good acne treatment product out there would you recommend?

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