Sunday, November 25, 2012

Clinique Superbalance Makeup Foundation

Let me introduce you to my guest for today

This is the first ever liquid foundation I bought and used.  I have been using this for a while and have been loving it. 

As stated in the name, this foundation claims to balance your skin condition, it adds moisture and absorbs oils where it is needed on your face. (Note: I have a combination and sensitive skin.)

Application is very easy. I just use my hands and a small amount is enough to cover the whole face. It has a medium to full coverage and it leaves a dewy finish on your face. Although medium coverage, it does covers hyper pigmentation and redness well. It also brightens up the complexion and feels so smooth on the skin

The most problematic area on my face is the chin. It is the only place I get acne and it does leaves noticeable marks. So, I will show you a picture of my oh-so-wonderful chin before and after application of this foundation. 



Despite its claim to be a long-wearing foundation and combats the oil, my skin still gets oily and my face goes noticeably shiny after the 5th hour (give or take). But I do found a way of extending its life before taken over by the oils of my face by wearing a face primer underneath it. The difference is not that dramatic with a primer but it does help.

 Here is the swatch on my hand:

Clinique Superbalanced Makeup can be purchased at any Clinique counter and Sephora. Priced at RM 115 for 30ml.

This foundation does not break me out and I would definitely purchase this again in the future.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Face Favourites 23112012

First of all, excuse me for the lack of updates. I did draft few posts but decided to not publish them for the reason I was not satisfied with the quality of the pictures. Previously I took pictures with my iPhone.Picture's taken with iPhone's camera is of a good quality no doubt, but when it comes to taking a close up picture for blogs, it really needs a superb kind of lighting. 

Having said that, my husband was kind enough to let me use his big camera to take pictures for my blog. I'm sure he is missing his camera here. I'm still familiarizing with the setting ,so i apologize if some of the pictures are not that sharp.

And now, let's jump straight into today's post :)

Previously I changed my make up routine daily: as in I changed the lip colour and blush and even use different foundation everyday. But few weeks ago, I maintained the routine and only switched it weekly. There is no particular reason for doing so. But I think through this way, I get to feel as if I'm really using my make up and see it being used. Just saying :p

Alrighty, if you mind continue scrolling down :)

I love to keep my face simple and natural. A small amount of liquid foundation, a little dusting of powder all over the face because my face tends to get oily and a hint of blusher to make myself look lively.

1. Clinique Superbalanced Makeup Teint

2. M.A.C. Studio Perfect SPF 15 Powder Foundation

3. Benefit Bella Bamba 

I really REALLY keep my eyes simple this week. I dont want to have too much product on my eyes, keeping in mind to have the most natural look, so I only use a pencil eyeliner. I have a bit of a mood with make up too. This week I dont feel like using a mascara, so that explains its absence.

 Maybelline Masterliner in Br-1

Since I want the natural look, I opt for a nude lipstick, one which looks like my natural lip colour. Also a tinted lip balm for whenever I dont feel like wearing a lipstick but at the same time to avoid me looking too pale,and a no colour lipbalm to use whenever my lips are super dry. 

1. Dior Rouge Nude in No. 418 (Ingénue)

2. Dior Addict Lipbalm in No. 002

3. Maybelline Baby Lips in Mango Pie

The look

p/s: I'm wont be explaining on the make up used here for there will be a separate post for review for each items soon. If I were to sum up, I love these combinations because it gives the most natural look without looking too made up.

Love, :)