Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What's In My Travel Make Up Pouch

I'm getting married in 2 weeks time and am taking leave for 2 weeks for wedding preparation and honeymoon..So I will be travelling and I need to pack few things for the holiday..Yeayness!

So people, meet my travel make up pouch! *people, make up pouch..make up pouch, people*

Dont be shy shy..Here is a quick look inside..

Thats all for this post. Bye!

Ok tipu..hehe..I'll section the things inside..First category is the cheeks and lips..From top to bottom:

1. Bobby Brown Pot Rouge in No.6 Powder Pink..
2. Benefit Pocketpal
3. M.A.C Cremesheen Lipglass in Loud & Lovely (this one smells yummy!!!selfnote: i have to avoid wearing this when im fasting)
4. Rimmel 1000 Kisses Liptint + Balm in No.100 Endless Blosson
5. Maybelline Baby Lips Lipbalm
6. Smith's Strawberry Lipbalm

Second category: Face!

1. Maybelline Angel Fit Concealer
2. Skin 79 BB Cream
3. M.A.C Charged Water (which I transfered to a smaller travel size bottle)
4. Clinelle Blemish Clear Blemish Spot Treatment.

Third category: Eyes

1. Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara in Black
2. Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner in Brown
3. Eyelash curler

Fourth category: Miscellanious

1. Burberry Brit Sheer Purse Perfume
2. Soap and Glory Hand Food
3. Biore Make Up Wipes
4. Dettol Hand Sanitizer
5. Panadol

I also have another make up pouch. This one I take with me on the go..So i carry stuff i need to touch up during the day..The first pouch i showed u, that one contains general make up i carry when i travel far away from home..The contents might vary depending where im going..

Now on to the second pouch..*people, second make up pouch..second make up pouch, people*

Here is whats inside:
1. Kabuki brush
2. M.A.C Studio Perfect SPF15 Powder Foundation in NC30
3. Lancome L'absolu Rouge in No.380
4. Clean & Clear Oil Blotter Film

The items in this second pouch does not change except for the lipstick which i will change which one i'm carrying with me depending on what im wearing on my lips for that day..

Thats all..toodles!

Coming up next: Whats in my toletries bag :)

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