Friday, June 15, 2012

Pak Abu

I have a very special relationship with pak abu when i was little.....ok now thats sound wrong..

You guys have any idea who pak abu is?

I love singing to his song so much that my dad can even sing along with dad was like 'kalau kakak start nyanyi lagu pak abu, abislah!' because i sing that song all the time..when i was little la..hehe

Come lets sing!

Malaaam yang sepi pi pi
Pak abuuu jual roti ti ti
Rotiiii yang enak nak nak
Pak abuuu jual arnab nab nab
Arnaaab yang hilang lang lang
Pak abuuuu jual gelang lang lang
Gelaaang yang patah tah tah
Pak abuuu jual getah tah tah
Getaaaah yang putus tus tus
Pak abuuu terus mampus pus pus
Malaaam jumaat at at at
Pak abuuu jadi mayat yat yat
Malaaam sabtu tu tu
Pak abuuu jadi hantu!

Im sure theres continuation but i can recall..oh no!!

now im going to pass this song to my niece n i'll make sure she can sing as beautifully as i do..


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