Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Handbag Organizer

Is it organizEr? or organizOr? or organiSer????


Below is the handbag organizer I'm currently using to organize the inside of my handbag..

More pictures below  *scroll down please PLEASE*

I didnt fill in too much of my things inside..I used to carry almost everything I can get my hands on inside my handbag just because I always have this idea that I MIGHT need it later during the day and I should be prepared..Most of the time however, I only use 20% of the items I carry.

Also, I didnt fill in every pockets because the pockets does not serves its purpose very was stitched too close together, making it difficult to make use of the main compartment if all pockets are filled up..It changes the shape of the organizer too..If you see the above picture how the organizer gets a bit crooked (??) when I only fill half of the pockets..maybe just this one becomes like this..

At first i put my purse inside the main compartment but when i have other things in the smaller pockets outside, it makes it a bit difficult for me to put in an take out my purse easily.. So I decided to put in the main compartment of the organizer my wristlet instead, which carries my food money..My purse sits on the outside of the organizer.

These are all the things inside my handbag organizer..

Without it, this is how the inside of my handbag looks like..(this is my work handbag)

With the organizer, my handbag looks like this..

On casual day outing, I change handbag..So, for my outing handbag, I use pouches..just because the handbag is bigger and it is a lot more convenient to use pouches in bigger handbag..

The pouches looks like this:

This particular pouch is also in my work handbag..I put a separate pouch for my make ups for touch up after solat at the office..I didnt put it in the organizer because as I said before the organizer became funny if it is too filled up..Also just because I want to protect the kabuki..hahahhaha! Important ok??!! And when I change handbag, the things inside my organizer will all be transfered to another pouch similar to the ones in the above picture..and usually I add a bit more things..hehe

I like things organized..



  1. oh my..cantiknye beg pink tu. mane beli?

    1. Tq Sarah :) I beli this one through Groupon