Sunday, May 27, 2012

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ze Contact Lenz

I've been wearing clear contact lens for god knows how long now..I think the last time I wore a coloured lens was when I was in Yu Aye Yeay!

This month i decided to wear a coloured lens again (sesaje testing untuk pakai for my wedding)..Previously my brand of choice for coloured lens was Freshlook.. This time i decided to give it a change, and chose Maxivue Impression 2 Colour Soft Contact Lens (now thats a mouthful)..

This is a normal colour coloured lens..I bought the grey one..Compared to the Freshlook's grey which has a combination of dark and light grey and also a bit of a brown, this one only has a mix of dark and light grey..

It is also a normal sized lens..It doesnt make your eyes (or pupils) look big, manga-like, cartoon-like..I'm a human so i want to look human..Why do I make myself look like a cartoon? I dont understand the big eye trend though..Anyhooo..

Owh and also, it is a 3 month lens which is a yeay for me..I cant remember the price but I think its RM35 per pair/box..Since my eyes have different visions on each eye, I bought myself 2 boxes..

It also has special UV coating okay?? *fireworks*

Here is if you need to know on the details..

The fact that the colour does not go too much to the inside of the lens is also a plus side for me because it doesnt kacau with my vision..

I've been wearing this the start of May and so far I have no problem with this lens..I can see myself buying again this lens soon..Next time, in green :)