Monday, April 30, 2012


Im trying to change my skincare routine...

I have oily, acne prone and sensitive skin. Currently I'm using Clinique Anti Blemish skincare set. Ever since using it, my skin has shown obvious improvement where i dont get that much of a break outs as I normally do..I do get occassional acne during that time of the month but still bearable and this skincare set clears out my acne pretty fast..

So, far I'm in love with this set BUT the cleanser ran out so fast! And its not that cheap. For RM100 per bottle, it last me for 2 months only. Thus, I decided to try another cheaper cleanser, for switch where I can alternate with my Clinique cleanser once a while..

I'm a bit skeptical of changing my skincare routine for I'm afraid it wont suit my skin and make it worse again..However after doing some research, I find good reviews on Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser.

I thought of giving this cleanser a try because on paper it seems to fit my skin condition i.e. oily and blemish prone, also because of the good reviews. I though if giving it a try. It sells for RM54.90 and can be found at Watsons and Guardian. I'm very excited to have bought it today but have yet to try it..Will try it soon and see in a week if it is as good as my Clinique cleanser..

Fingers crossed!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Cleaning

I did some minor spring cleaning yesterday..hey, eventhough in Malaysia it is summer all year round, who says you cannot experience spring?This year, I choose to experience spring by way of cleaning..haha!

Sharing an aparment with 2 other people makes me have to work with the limited space i room is my precious space in Ipoh, so, i store everything in my little chamber..having said that, my room gets a bit messy so i try to get myself organized the best as i can..

Cleaning and organizing is fun..

My favorite part of the room: THE dresser..haha! not so much of a dresser..the big box below contains my food, and essential room stuff i.e. extra hangers, tissue boxes, unopened socks (yes i mixed my socks and food in one box!), ikea bag, is my storage box to keep my things hidden.

On top of it are all of my face and body essentials..make ups, toners, mosturizers, sanitary pads (eh??), jewellery box, perfumes etc..i super love this section of my room..and the mirror at the corner of the picture? it is a long mirror and hanged a bit higher but i can still see myself from head to toe..

The 3-tier shelves contains all mixed stuff..the lower box contains boxes..yup! when i buy make ups, or perfumes, facial stuff, i always keep the boxes..for fun..who knows it might be useful facial wash in the middle shelf is empty..i dont want to throw it, dont know where to keep it either, so i thot it makes a nice display..the top box contains paper bags.. :) planning to buy more boxes too..owh, all boxes here are bought at ikea..

This one is THE 'kain closet'..bear with me..susah nak pindah la if beli almari kayu, so i resort to almari kain instead, and a single rack hanger..also a kain multipurpose-shelves-hanger thingy..i always take out the baju i'm planning to wear for the week and hang it on the rack hanger..the baju inside the almari kain, i go it in order..baju yang sudah dibasuh akan disimpan from the right side, baju yang akan dipakai akan di ambil starting on the left side..that way, all my bajus wont be jealous with each other since all of them will be pakai-ed dengan sama when did i start mixing the language here? please!

Have u start cleaning and organizing your place?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

LOTD (Lipstick Of The Day)

Allow me to bajet2 sikit today.. :p

Im in love with my lipcolour today..I randomly decided to mix Revlon Lipbutter in Strawberry Shortcake and Dior Addict Ultragloss in Flash (no.662), and the combined colour is super love..

Mirror Mirror

Expect the unexpected..That is whats best to describe this latest Snow White movie..Laughed throughout the entire show..And the Bollywood-style ending was super cool..The whole theatre were glued to their seats, watching and laughing till the end..If you're having a bad day, this movie will definitely cheer you up..

Enjoy the song :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Went to Groupon yesterday to pick up my item..i was firstly amazed by the simpleness yet the coolness of the office..then i was amazed with the product i held in my hand..cant wait to use it :)

Groupon office is located in Menara AmFirst..not AmCorp Mall..teeehehe

P/s: i'm publishing this through my iPhone blogger app..not really made for when you want to publish your story through series of pictures..but i'm just too lazy to grab my cable and transfer my pictures to my i will just throw the pictures here..also while testing the app btw..