Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Face Favourites 14122012

In short, what I wore this week:

Skin 79 Super+ Beblesh Balm
M.A.C. Studio Perfect SPF 15 Powder Foundation in NC30
M.A.C. Blush in Pink Swoon
Essence Eyebrow Set
Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express Waterproof  Mascara
Silky Girl Gloss On Lipcolor in Just Pink

If you want to know about the contact lens I'm wearing, click here.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Face Off Series: Acne Treatment

This is my first and hopefully many more to come of my face off series. 

A bit of introduction of this series: So what I'll do in this face off series posts is I will choose 2 products from the same kind eg. Foundation 'A' vs Foundation 'B' and I will share my thoughts, the pros and cons of each product based on my experience and at the end I will mention which of the 2 I will pick if I were to choose only one..The winner basically..

Lets start shall we?

In today's post, we have: 

Clinique Anti Blemish Solution Spot Treatment Gel 
Clinelle Blemish Clear Gel.


Lets get to the obvious first: the brand. Clinique and Clinelle - do I need to say more? Regardless of the almost similar brand name, Clinique is a high end brand while Clinelle is a drugstore brand. Having said that, and while both came in with 15ml size, there is a huge price difference between the two. Clinique retails at RM82.00 while you can get Clinelle for just RM28.90. Yeap! I see you raised an eyebrow there (-.^).


These 2 has a faily different packaging. While both comes in a squeezy tube and has a nozzle, Clinique's has a clear packaging and more compact size compared to Clinelle's which is slightly longer and doesn't have a clear packaging.


Clinique has a clear gel while Clinelle's has a bit of a white translucent colour to it. Upon contact with the skin, both has a cooling effect and goes clear on the skin. A major difference I noticed from musing these two: Clinique's absorbs onto skin very quickly and disappears while Clinelle takes a bit of time to settle onto skin and leave some sheen to the place where I applied it. That so, I always wears Clinique under my make up and wears Clinelle at night when I went to bed. 


Upon consistent usage, Clinique's left a dry spot on my skin where I applied the gel. Once I got too excited with its cooling and tingling effect and the minimum amount of time it took to absorb and applied it few times a day where it resulted to my foundation to flake on that area. And I always thought, the more tingling it felt, the more effective the product is. True? No? Thus with Clinique, I cannot apply too much. Clinelle on the other hand is not very drying on my skin. It took a bit of time to absorb and it kind of just sits on my skin. That being said, acne gel is supposed to dry out the blemish area and kill the bacteria fast.

As a result of usage, both treated my acne well and help soothes the redness and irritation that blemishes always comes with and I will continue to use these two. But if I were to choose only one?

Here is a quick recap of these products' pros and cons:

Clinique Anti Blemish Solution Spot treatment Gel

1. Absorbs fast.
2. Can be worn under and over make up.
3. Noticeably soothes redness and irritation

1. Expensive.
2. Can be too drying.

Clinelle Blemish Clear

1. Cheap.
2. Does not leave dry spot.

1. Takes time to absorbs
2. Visible on the skin


I will chose Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Spot Treatment Gel because it absorbs onto my skin very fast, the result is immediate and I can easily wears it under on over my make up. And because I like it a little better that Clinelle's.

What other good acne treatment product out there would you recommend?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Nivea Night Whitening Body Milk

My skin (hands especially) gets tan easily because Im a sleeve roller (huh?ok i always roll my sleeves up to my elbows) and I rarely wears sunblock on my hand..It is also very dry to the point of becoming scally and, there is my problem: dry scally flaky hands and the colour does not match my face..and since i wears hijab, and the only skin showing is my face and hands, thus it is important to me to have matchy matchy skin colour on those 2 areas..or else, it will looks as if my hands and face belongs to 2 different person..that being said, i use this lotion mostly on my hands up to my arms only..

Oh, just a quick heads up..although this is a body milk, i will refer this as a lotion in this post..but do know, when i said lotion, i am actually mentioning body milk :p

I wear this lotion almost every night..What I love about this lotion, is that it feels very light and makes my skin feels significantly smooth..It does not leave any residue and absorbs quick onto my skin..being a body milk, the texture is a bit thin, not as thick as a lotion but not too runny..oh and it smells nice..

I do notice difference on my skin the morning after -> smoother softer skin and id like to believe a taaaaaad lighter..but with everynight use, the skin does gets fairer..

Im not going to be a scientist dermatologist archeologist astronout explaining all these ingredients and its superpower..i will take a shortcut and snap a picture of the company's claim for the product, because i believe this lotion actually is what they claimed to be..

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Clinique Superbalance Makeup Foundation

Let me introduce you to my guest for today

This is the first ever liquid foundation I bought and used.  I have been using this for a while and have been loving it. 

As stated in the name, this foundation claims to balance your skin condition, it adds moisture and absorbs oils where it is needed on your face. (Note: I have a combination and sensitive skin.)

Application is very easy. I just use my hands and a small amount is enough to cover the whole face. It has a medium to full coverage and it leaves a dewy finish on your face. Although medium coverage, it does covers hyper pigmentation and redness well. It also brightens up the complexion and feels so smooth on the skin

The most problematic area on my face is the chin. It is the only place I get acne and it does leaves noticeable marks. So, I will show you a picture of my oh-so-wonderful chin before and after application of this foundation. 



Despite its claim to be a long-wearing foundation and combats the oil, my skin still gets oily and my face goes noticeably shiny after the 5th hour (give or take). But I do found a way of extending its life before taken over by the oils of my face by wearing a face primer underneath it. The difference is not that dramatic with a primer but it does help.

 Here is the swatch on my hand:

Clinique Superbalanced Makeup can be purchased at any Clinique counter and Sephora. Priced at RM 115 for 30ml.

This foundation does not break me out and I would definitely purchase this again in the future.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Face Favourites 23112012

First of all, excuse me for the lack of updates. I did draft few posts but decided to not publish them for the reason I was not satisfied with the quality of the pictures. Previously I took pictures with my iPhone.Picture's taken with iPhone's camera is of a good quality no doubt, but when it comes to taking a close up picture for blogs, it really needs a superb kind of lighting. 

Having said that, my husband was kind enough to let me use his big camera to take pictures for my blog. I'm sure he is missing his camera here. I'm still familiarizing with the setting ,so i apologize if some of the pictures are not that sharp.

And now, let's jump straight into today's post :)

Previously I changed my make up routine daily: as in I changed the lip colour and blush and even use different foundation everyday. But few weeks ago, I maintained the routine and only switched it weekly. There is no particular reason for doing so. But I think through this way, I get to feel as if I'm really using my make up and see it being used. Just saying :p

Alrighty, if you mind continue scrolling down :)

I love to keep my face simple and natural. A small amount of liquid foundation, a little dusting of powder all over the face because my face tends to get oily and a hint of blusher to make myself look lively.

1. Clinique Superbalanced Makeup Teint

2. M.A.C. Studio Perfect SPF 15 Powder Foundation

3. Benefit Bella Bamba 

I really REALLY keep my eyes simple this week. I dont want to have too much product on my eyes, keeping in mind to have the most natural look, so I only use a pencil eyeliner. I have a bit of a mood with make up too. This week I dont feel like using a mascara, so that explains its absence.

 Maybelline Masterliner in Br-1

Since I want the natural look, I opt for a nude lipstick, one which looks like my natural lip colour. Also a tinted lip balm for whenever I dont feel like wearing a lipstick but at the same time to avoid me looking too pale,and a no colour lipbalm to use whenever my lips are super dry. 

1. Dior Rouge Nude in No. 418 (Ingénue)

2. Dior Addict Lipbalm in No. 002

3. Maybelline Baby Lips in Mango Pie

The look

p/s: I'm wont be explaining on the make up used here for there will be a separate post for review for each items soon. If I were to sum up, I love these combinations because it gives the most natural look without looking too made up.

Love, :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lipbalms Collection

 I'm not a make up junkie but i love make ups. I'm a lip product collector not reaching the addict level (yet). Of the make up things i buy, i have lip products the most. So, whenever i went into Watsons or Sephora, the first thing that catches my eyes are lip products. 

For today's post, i thought i'd share the first category of lip products: lipbalms. Both no colour and tinted lip balms.

I have 4 tinted lipbalms and 4 of the no colour lipbalms. I'd say a pretty normal amount, dont u think? :)

1. Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm, 2.Nivea Essential Care Lipbalm, 3. Maybelline Babylips Lipbalm in Smoothing Cherry, 4. Maybelline Babylips Lipbalm in Mango Pie

Of the four, my favourite is the Maybelline Babylips Lipbalm in Mango Pie. It has the right texture, not too oily, has a soft mango scent which i like and very moisturizing. It is also long lasting so i dont have to keep on reapplying throughout the day. The Smoothing Cherry however feels bit oily on my lips. It does last long however. If i put it on my lips at night before i go to sleep, my lips feels very soft when i wake up the next morning.

The Nivea one i keep it as one of my office essentials kit. It has a sweet berry scent but not too overwhelming, feels light on my lips but not as long lasting as the Babylips.

I love Smith's Strawberry Lipbalm. The strawberry scent smells real and not like the artificial strawberry smells. In the pot, it feels heavy and thick in a way that I have to swirl my fingers many times to pick up the product but on the lips it feels moisturizing and light. However im not that a big fan of the packaging.

Secondly, my tinted lipbalms:

(L-R) 1. Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait, 2. RLB in Cherry Tart, 3. RLB in Strawberry Shortcake, 4. Dior Addict Lipbalm in Crystal Pink (002)

Now, the swatches:

 (top to bottom): RLB in Peach Parfait, RLB in Cherry Tart,  RLB in Strawberry Shortcake, Dior Addict Lipbalm in Crystal Pink (002)

Of all my tinted lipbalms, my favourite would have to be Dior. I might do a separate review on these tinted lipbalms (though i know these are not new products in the market) so i wont go into detail on it now. In short, Dior is the most moisturizing of the four and has the right colour, and i tend to wear these tinted lipbalms more compared to lipstick and ligloss because I can easily have colour on my lips and moisturize it at the same time with one item, especially on the go.  

Until next post :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mini Beauty Retail Therapy

I went to Sephora yesterday to claim my birthday present..i missed my welcoming gift earlier so i dont want to miss the gift for the second time..Initially i had no intention of buying anything *tipu* but ended up buying 2 items..

I came back home with these:
1. Sephora Extreme Body Lotion (Birthday gift)
2. Dior Addict Lip Balm in No. 002 (over kau lipbalm pon nak Dior)
3. Sephora Weekend Kit

I had the chance to use the stuff once and here is my first impression on them:

1. Sephora Extreme Body Lotion
- Lightweight feel. Absorbs into skin fast and does not leave skin feeling sticky/oily. Has somekind of hair product smell i cant put my hands on but it does not bother me. Has a soft scent. No SPF.

2. Dior Addict Lip Balm in No. 002
- Tinted lipbalm. Leaves a sheer pink colour on the lips ('my lips but better' colour). Very moisturizing. Lips does not feel oily. No SPF

3. Sephora Weekend Kit
- I havent use this one yet. Bought for i'll be travelling most weekend so i want a travel kit to transfer my things into a smaller bottle for easy travelling. It also has a spatula to trasfer cream products into the pot and colourful stiker for labelling

I also bought the Uriage Eau Thermale at the Guardian. Compared to the Avène Eau Thermale one on first use, i dont see any major difference except that the Avène one has a slight cooler spray. The sales assistant claims that you can spray the Uriage into your eyes even if you wear contacts. She also claims that you can spray it up you nose and ease your sinus..hmmm im not sure if i'll be spraying this up my nose yet..we'll see..

I might provide another review on these products after long use and see if my impressions changed..


Monday, July 16, 2012

Quickies: Avène Eau Thermale Spring Water

My skin has always been super oily and lately it is becoming dry and flaky..being in the air-conditioned office from 8am till 5pm could be the contributing factor..

Im not a fan of redoing my make up/skincare routine in the office especially after solat..usually i will just wash my face with water and after solat just put a layer of liploss and im done..i will only put extra effort if i were to meet someone that day..

Since my face is becoming dry, i have this idea of bringing a moisturizer to office but i thought how tedious! So i sought for something simpler, and i found this: AVÈNE EAU THERMALE THERMAL SPRING WATER..

Such a cool and nice product i tell you woa! It literally freshens up my face in 2 second! It feels as if i just washed my need for moisturizers when you want to be fast on the go..sooooo soothing..

*insert happy face here ok?*

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What's In My Travel Make Up Pouch

I'm getting married in 2 weeks time and am taking leave for 2 weeks for wedding preparation and honeymoon..So I will be travelling and I need to pack few things for the holiday..Yeayness!

So people, meet my travel make up pouch! *people, make up pouch..make up pouch, people*

Dont be shy shy..Here is a quick look inside..

Thats all for this post. Bye!

Ok tipu..hehe..I'll section the things inside..First category is the cheeks and lips..From top to bottom:

1. Bobby Brown Pot Rouge in No.6 Powder Pink..
2. Benefit Pocketpal
3. M.A.C Cremesheen Lipglass in Loud & Lovely (this one smells yummy!!!selfnote: i have to avoid wearing this when im fasting)
4. Rimmel 1000 Kisses Liptint + Balm in No.100 Endless Blosson
5. Maybelline Baby Lips Lipbalm
6. Smith's Strawberry Lipbalm

Second category: Face!

1. Maybelline Angel Fit Concealer
2. Skin 79 BB Cream
3. M.A.C Charged Water (which I transfered to a smaller travel size bottle)
4. Clinelle Blemish Clear Blemish Spot Treatment.

Third category: Eyes

1. Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara in Black
2. Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner in Brown
3. Eyelash curler

Fourth category: Miscellanious

1. Burberry Brit Sheer Purse Perfume
2. Soap and Glory Hand Food
3. Biore Make Up Wipes
4. Dettol Hand Sanitizer
5. Panadol

I also have another make up pouch. This one I take with me on the go..So i carry stuff i need to touch up during the day..The first pouch i showed u, that one contains general make up i carry when i travel far away from home..The contents might vary depending where im going..

Now on to the second pouch..*people, second make up pouch..second make up pouch, people*

Here is whats inside:
1. Kabuki brush
2. M.A.C Studio Perfect SPF15 Powder Foundation in NC30
3. Lancome L'absolu Rouge in No.380
4. Clean & Clear Oil Blotter Film

The items in this second pouch does not change except for the lipstick which i will change which one i'm carrying with me depending on what im wearing on my lips for that day..

Thats all..toodles!

Coming up next: Whats in my toletries bag :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Pak Abu

I have a very special relationship with pak abu when i was little.....ok now thats sound wrong..

You guys have any idea who pak abu is?

I love singing to his song so much that my dad can even sing along with dad was like 'kalau kakak start nyanyi lagu pak abu, abislah!' because i sing that song all the time..when i was little la..hehe

Come lets sing!

Malaaam yang sepi pi pi
Pak abuuu jual roti ti ti
Rotiiii yang enak nak nak
Pak abuuu jual arnab nab nab
Arnaaab yang hilang lang lang
Pak abuuuu jual gelang lang lang
Gelaaang yang patah tah tah
Pak abuuu jual getah tah tah
Getaaaah yang putus tus tus
Pak abuuu terus mampus pus pus
Malaaam jumaat at at at
Pak abuuu jadi mayat yat yat
Malaaam sabtu tu tu
Pak abuuu jadi hantu!

Im sure theres continuation but i can recall..oh no!!

now im going to pass this song to my niece n i'll make sure she can sing as beautifully as i do..


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Handbag Organizer

Is it organizEr? or organizOr? or organiSer????


Below is the handbag organizer I'm currently using to organize the inside of my handbag..

More pictures below  *scroll down please PLEASE*

I didnt fill in too much of my things inside..I used to carry almost everything I can get my hands on inside my handbag just because I always have this idea that I MIGHT need it later during the day and I should be prepared..Most of the time however, I only use 20% of the items I carry.

Also, I didnt fill in every pockets because the pockets does not serves its purpose very was stitched too close together, making it difficult to make use of the main compartment if all pockets are filled up..It changes the shape of the organizer too..If you see the above picture how the organizer gets a bit crooked (??) when I only fill half of the pockets..maybe just this one becomes like this..

At first i put my purse inside the main compartment but when i have other things in the smaller pockets outside, it makes it a bit difficult for me to put in an take out my purse easily.. So I decided to put in the main compartment of the organizer my wristlet instead, which carries my food money..My purse sits on the outside of the organizer.

These are all the things inside my handbag organizer..

Without it, this is how the inside of my handbag looks like..(this is my work handbag)

With the organizer, my handbag looks like this..

On casual day outing, I change handbag..So, for my outing handbag, I use pouches..just because the handbag is bigger and it is a lot more convenient to use pouches in bigger handbag..

The pouches looks like this:

This particular pouch is also in my work handbag..I put a separate pouch for my make ups for touch up after solat at the office..I didnt put it in the organizer because as I said before the organizer became funny if it is too filled up..Also just because I want to protect the kabuki..hahahhaha! Important ok??!! And when I change handbag, the things inside my organizer will all be transfered to another pouch similar to the ones in the above picture..and usually I add a bit more things..hehe

I like things organized..


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Have you ever tried baby food?

Today my friends (ececeyyy) will do a review on baby food..We always hear people saying baby food tastes bad but have you ever tried one?

My sister in law used to buy canned baby food for my niece, Zara, one in banana flavour..And Zara's face when she eats that was so funny..She makes the worst stinky-face ever!! Haha

I almost literally ROTFL watching this..Watch this and it will brighten up you day :)

Friday, June 1, 2012


Where you get to be cool and post cool pictures using just your phone..Hey, who says you can only capture WOW pictures with DSLR?

Phone versus DSLR?? I'd say phone wins hands down..Can you snap a picture using your DSLR and from where your standing (or sitting, or lying on the ground or however you when you're snaping you photos) straight away share it with everyone through facebook or twitter or blog? HAHH!!

Dont be shy to follow me on Instagram peeps! :)